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In this online Help Area we answer many of the questions you might have about Catholic Greetings and our new Catholic Greetings Premium.

Free or Premium?
Catholic Greetings offers a free e-card service, which has been popular since 1997 and will continue. There’s something new, though. In May 2010 we launched Catholic Greetings Premium, a paid-subscription service that offers a number of subscribers-only features.

Catholic Greetings Premium allows subscribers exclusively to schedule cards using our Catholic Greetings Calendar, to send the same card to up to 30 people, to keep an on-site Catholic Greetings Address Book (you can import addresses from lists at Gmail/Hotmail). The Catholic Greetings Address Book also allows you to look back at a history of your past 10 card mailings. Another new paid-subscriber-only feature, Catholic Greetings Calendar, will allow you to schedule reminder e-mails for the events you set reminders for, such as upcoming birthdays, anniversaries—whatever you choose!

How to register
For the free service merely enter your subscriber information in the areas shown. This information will not be shared with any outside source. For Catholic Greetings Premium, click here..

Registration for Free Subscribers:
  1. Simply fill out the form completely and press "create account."
  2. A verification e-mail will be sent to your e-mail account. Click on the link in that e-mail and you’ll be returned to Catholic Greetings, signed in and ready to send a Catholic e-Greeting. That's all, and this basic service is free!

Registration for Catholic Greetings Premium:
  1. Visit our online store here and click the "Join Now" button
  2. Register or login with an existing account to our online store.
  3. Enter your credit card number on our secure server and press "Join Now $9.99"
  4. A verification e-mail will be sent to your e-mail account. Click on the link in that e-mail and you’ll be returned to Catholic Greetings where you will complete your registration and be ready to send a Catholic e-Greeting and begin to use the many services for Catholic Greetings Premium subscribers. That’s it!

How to send a card for subscribers
Sending a card is as simple as 1, 2, 3!
  1. Once you've logged in, search for that perfect card using the Catholic Greetings Search Engine, or simply go to a category page (birthdays, holidays, and so on) to make your choice. Pick a card, any card, from among the many free cards or premium cards available only to subscribers!
  2. Once you've selected a card, type in the recipient's e-mail address (you'll need a Premium account if you'd like to send to multiple e-mail addresses at one time--up to 20 e-mail addresses, separated by commas), choose a delivery date (card will be sent immediately if no date is chosen), and enter a personal message, up to 1000 characters.
  3. Press the send button, and you're done! When the card is opened by your friend or friends, you'll receive an e-mail from Catholic Greetings, just so you know that your thoughtfulness was seen by those whom you intended.

My Settings Pages

Profile Settings
Update or change your password, your first or last names, your password-retrieval security question-and-answer and sign up for our free popular Catholic Greetings Premiere e-newsletter, that notifies you of new cards.

If you want your e-mail address updated e-mail us with a request. Please include your full name, e-mail address and phone number.

Address Book (Premium Only)
Manage a customized address list of friends to whom you wish to send Catholic e-cards. You can add, import, and edit this searchable list, once you create it. Once you've created your address book, you can search by putting into the search box a few letters from a first name, last name or e-mail address for someone in your Catholic Greetings Address Book. We'll do the searching for you, and find the e-mail address you're looking for!

How to add contacts (Premium Only)
On the "Address Book" page, press "Add new contact" and fill out the form. Your friend's name and e-mail address will appear on your Catholic Greetings Address Book page. You may enter up to 20 e-mail addresses into your Catholic Greetings Address Book. Click on "edit" or "delete" to make changes in your contacts or to make room for new contacts. This list is limited to 20 to prevent spamming.

For your convenience, you can import up to 30 names and addresses from your address books at Gmail or Hotmail directly into your Catholic Greetings Address Book. To do so, from the "Address Book" screen, click on "Import Contacts." Then enter your e-mail address and password into the form below. You will then see your address book from your e-mail service. Add whichever friends you choose into your Catholic Greetings Address Book by clicking on the "Add Contact" link to the right.

My Catholic Greetings Calendar (Premium Only)
Catholic Greetings Premium allows you to keep a customized personal calendar, the My Catholic Greetings Calendar, that allows you to add events that you wish to be reminded about, so that you can remember to send Catholic Greetings e-cards to your friends. You can either send them when you receive the event remindering e-mail, or you can schedule the e-cards to be sent on the day of the holiday, anniversary, etc. To see your calendar, select My Catholic Greetings Calendar on your "My Settings" page. Then you add events in any of three ways:
  1. Select My Catholic Greetings Calendar on your "My Settings." Simply click on a date you wish to be reminded of, and you'll be taken to the "Add Event" screen.
  2. Instead of browsing the calendar and selecting a date, you can go directly to the "Add Event" screen by selecting the "Add Event" link at the top of the calendar. After you add the event, you can return to My Catholic Greetings Calendar to continue.
  3. A final way to add an event is to select "Add Holiday Event" and choose a holiday that you wish to schedule a Catholic Greetings e-card to be sent to your friend. Click "Add Event" on the right hand side of the page, and it will be added to your My Event List.

Cards Scheduled (Premium Only)
On this page you can see the cards you've scheduled, and make changes if you wish.

Cards Sent (Premium Only)
On this page you can view a history of the past 10 mailings you've sent, including a history of who has opened the cards you sent.

Link Your Twitter Account (Premium Only)

This feature allows you to announce on your Twitter account whenever you've sent a Catholic Greeting.

Why didn't I receive my verification e-mail?
Your e-mail program probably stopped it. Check your junk mail (spam) filter in your e-mail program. Sometimes mail you wish to receive gets mistaken for junk mail. If you see e-mail from CatholicGreetings in your junk mail folder, mark that Catholic Greetings mail to be sure it goes to your inbox.

Why do I need to register?
Registration is necessary to prevent unauthorized users (spammers and hackers) from using Catholic Greetings to send junk e-mail.

I've been a Catholic Greetings user since the late 1990s. Why the change?
Catholic Greetings continues to offer free e-cards to anyone who comes to Catholic Greetings. We added registration requirements, even for free cards, for your security and ours. Our new Catholic Greetings Premium service adds new features that make Catholic Greetings all the more useful. Those new features are supported by subscription fees.

Who's behind Catholic Greetings?
Catholic Greetings is a service of St. Anthony Messenger Press, a ministry of the Franciscan friars of St. John the Baptist Province (, commonly known as the Franciscans. The Franciscans are a Roman Catholic religious order, founded 800 years ago by St. Francis of Assisi. You can find out more about St. Anthony Messenger Press, including our national Catholic family magazine St. Anthony Messenger, parish resources, books, videos, audiobooks and more at We operate with the official approval of the Archbishop of Cincinnati.